Please open the volunteer sign up sheet and put your name in the appropriate column for the task, supply and or food item you are offering to bring/do.
Scroll down to the bottom to see who has signed up for what so far.

  • PLEASE put your LAST name or initial! I'm looking at you, Patricks, Michelles, Angelas, Heathers, etc!
  • Every little bit helps! -- 6 wraps might not seem like a lot on its own, but times FIFTY... wow!
  • Some items only need 1 volunteer, if the cell is merged, there is no need for 2 volunteers.
  • Strapped for cash? Team up with someone for an item. The more we all pitch in, the better.
  • Hopefully we can get everyone to contribute to at least one item in the list.
  • We have teammates with dietary requirements so please consider contributing gluten-free and/or vegetarian options.

Current Race Weekend Volunteer Breakdown