• We are always respectful of other teams and race officials. (We've been at the bottom of the heap, it’s no fun to hear teams brag.)
  • We are mindful of what we say and represent the team with class. (We do not utter hurtful comments/sarcastic remarks. It’s all about courtesy and respect)
  • We attend as many practices as possible and we inform the captain ASAP if we cannot attend a practice.
  • We attend other dragon boat functions and fundraisers.
  • We commit to the entire duration of the festivals. (We do not come and go over the weekend as we please, we are committed to our team.)
  • We give our best efforts every time we set out on the water. (If we don’t, we’re leaving all of our teammates to pick up the slack.)
  • The Psirens & P'sidens are known for our team spirit and we always live up to our reputation!