Practice Information

Team members: Any practice availability issues should be emailed to the team account at  Thanks!
2018 Schedule: Psirens / P'sidens
  • All practices are held at the Rideau Canoe Club (RCC).
  • It is not recommended to leave valuables in your car while it is parked at the Rideau Canoe Club or surrounding parking lots.
  • You cannot smoke on RCC property.
  • Parking is limited, ensure you arrive early enough to secure a spot.
Practices are not cancelled due to inclement weather unless there is lightning. Such cancellations are called at practice, not before.

Dress appropriately for the sport and weather:
  • Whatever you wear, you will get wet.
  • Clothing should allow you to move freely.
  • Be warned that objects such as hats, glasses and sunglasses may fall overboard.
  • Have a plan for your prescription eye-wear or hundred dollar sunglasses (i.e. secure them to your head or don’t wear them at all).
Make sure you bring a bottle of water!

New to the sport? Familiarize yourself with dragon boat terminology.