About our 2015 calendar:
This calendar celebrates the spirit of the women who make up the Psirens Dragon Boat Team. In offering you this calendar, our intentions are threefold: to raise funds for a good cause, to promote fitness and sport, and to portray the confidence and optimism that run through the team. In this calendar, you will view pictures of team members who are ‘minimally covered’. These women are strong and confident competitors, and their pictures help praise the human form in all its diversity.

While our team may be heard chanting “We lure! We devour! The Psirens have the power!”, what we acclaim is sport, fitness, friendship and support for organizations who help others.

For every calendar that you purchase, net proceeds go to the Ottawa Dragon Boat Foundation in aid of local charities.

We hope you enjoy the calendar, because we had a great time putting it together! When originally discussing the idea for this project, we weren't sure we really wanted to bare all; we aren't models! Then we reminded ourselves that our bodies earned us a silver medal in the Women’s A division at the 2014 Ottawa Dragon Boat Festival and won us our first gold medal in the Fall400 Women’s Challenge. Our bodies should be celebrated! It was an enlightening, eye-opening experience and nothing builds trust, empowerment and confidence (all key for success) like getting naked with your teammates! 

May this calendar promote the beauty and strength of all, regardless of age, size or shape! Sport is for all!

Sad to say goodbye to Miss January but say Hello to the ladies of February! 

The $20 calendar can also be purchased at the Ottawa Dragon Boat Foundation office. Limited copies remain!

The calendar was officially released on Sunday, January 18, 2015 at Sir John A Pub (284 Elgin Street). Thank you to Tom Toomey for providing his photograpy services. Be on the lookout for your personalized shots of the event out shortly! 

The Psirens would like to thank Len Ward of arts&architecture inc
for all of his dedication and hard work putting together this calendar.