About the P'sidens

Founded in 2010 by the newly expanded Psirens Steering Committee (PSC) by Venissa de Castro, Laura Kealey and Naomi Garneau. In 2012, Patrick Gordon took over as P'sidens captain. After three years of placing 25th aka "at the cusp of day two" of ODBF (the top 24 teams progress to a second series of races held on the festival's second day), the PSC wanted to take the Psirens up a notch. More practices, more dedication, more... money. Not sure that all of the existing Psirens would be interested, and having an increasing amount of males interested in dragon boating, the PSC did the only thing any sane group of people would do: found a second team! The P'sidens, a co-ed recreational team has been proud to take part ODBF since June 2011. With the Psirens' name originating in Greek legend, the only suitable name for the new team would be in honour of Poseidon, the Greek god of water, as drawn by Edwin Wong. You'll note that our "P'siden" is appropriately holding a paddle in lieu of a trident. The spelling, P'sidens, was a tongue-in-cheek reference to their sister team's finickiness regarding spelling. Regardless, we pwn! We slaughter! The P'sidens rule the water!

The P'sidens are run by a volunteer organizing committee:
Venissa de Castro - Founder, festival/club liaison
Isabelle Blanchard - Finances
Naomi Garneau - Strategic planning, marketing
Laura Kealey - Team captain, Psirens
Patrick Gordon - Team captain, P'sidens
Courtney Dalton - Assistant team captain, P'sidens