About the Psirens

The Psirens dragon boat team was founded by Venissa de Castro and Nisha Kanwar in 2007. As an Ottawa-based women's recreational-gone-competitive team, we train at the Rideau Canoe Club and have participated in local dragon boat festivals since 2008. Most importantly, We lure! We devour! The Psirens have the power! We decided on “Psirens” which has history as a Greek legend of fatally beautiful women who sat on the rocks and distracted sailors, luring them to their watery graves with their enchanting music and voices. As for pronunciation, the “P” is silent, it’s the original spelling, derived from the Greek letter “psi”. Just like in psychology.

The Psirens are run by a volunteer organizing committee:
Venissa de Castro - Founder
Jennifer Ouimet - Team captain, festival/club liaison - Psirens
Tanya  - Finances / Secretary